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Antidisestablishmentarianism and How We Can Fill the Moral Vacuum in Our Schools

When I was growing up, one of the fascinations of childhood was learning to spell the word antidisestablishmentarianism. It was the longest word my friends and I could find and presented a fitting challenge for our budding intellects. (Some will say it has since been surpassed by the likes of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.) Of course […]

Hallmarks of an Education for Life School

By Nitai Deranja, President of Education for Life International Education for Life offers techniques for transforming education into an integral process which harmonizes book learning with direct life experience and instructs students in the art of living. It is based on the deep insight into the potential of every human being: Nurture creativity, intuition and wisdom […]

What Does “Spiritual Education” Mean?

by J.Donald Walters The first public service that Paramhansa Yogananda undertook after he became a swami was to found a school for young boys. Starting in 1916 in the village of Dihika, Bengal with only seven students, he was “determined to found a school where young boys could develop to the full stature of manhood.” […]

Flow Learning Works Universally

by Susan Usha Dermond The Flow Learning format provides a template for presenting to groups of every age on any topic. Good presenters and teachers instinctively knows that the audience must be warmed up before being receptive to the information the speaker wishes to communicate. Telling a joke, sharing a personal story, asking students to […]

Raising Your Child With Spirit: Eloquence in Silence

by Susan Dermond Parents love their children and want to give them everything they need to become happy, fulfilled adults. In my sixteen years of working with parents, I have known many who go to extraordinary lengths to nurture their children. Perhaps you are one of them. You drive them to lessons, enroll them in […]

Nonsectarian Spiritual Values: Jewels of Human Existence

This article is excerpted from For Goodness’ Sake: Helping Children and Teens Discover Life’s Higher Values, by Nitai Deranja, founder of the first Living Wisdom School, Nevada City, CA. It is easy to embrace the idea of nonsectarian spiritual values when we focus on a few key ones: kindness, courage, willingness, self-control, honesty. Who could disagree with […]

Magical Chain and Fairy Lanterns

Service Is Joy!

We started the FNT first meeting with Super Conscious Living Exercises followed by chanting Joy, Joy Ever New Joy. Nitai led the meeting. He explained that we can feel joy in the heart by picturing  joy as a balloon that becomes bigger and bigger. Then he led a short meditation. Opening Activity: (~20 minutes) We played […]

Filling Your Bucket

We began the meeting in a circle, singing songs and doing simple yoga/energization exercises that the children were leading. We also played a version of “getting to know your group” game. Opening activity: (~15 min) We then read the book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids” and talked about […]