Life Skill: Nurturing Even-Mindedness

1) Mean Soup: Everitt, Betsy
2) Sometimes I’m Bombaloo: Vale, Rachel
3) Make It Balance: Evans, David.
4) Keeping Your Balance: Rowe, Julian
5) Toad Overload: Siebert, Patricia
6) In the Rainfield: Olaleya, Isaac

Life Skill: Patience

1) The Pet Show: Brimner, Larry Dane
2) The Mouse and the Apple: Butler, Stephen
3) Next Please: Jandl, Ernst
4) Not Yet: Ketteman, Helen
5) Pulling the Lion’s Tail: Kurtz, Jane
6) Baseball for Breakfast: The Story of a Boy Who Hated to Wait: Myers, Bill
7) Moose, of Course: Plourde, Lynn
8) Not Now, Sara! Voigt, Hannelore
9) When Will It Be Spring? Walters, Catherine

Life Skill: Healthy Habits

Wake up Sun by David L. Harrison
Let’s Clean Up! Anderson, Peggy Perry
The Raggly Scraggly No-soap No-scrub Girl: Birchman, David Francis
Another Fine Mess: Bonning, Tony
Maisy Cleans Up: Cousins, Lucy
Where Is the Treasure? Foster, Kelli C
Ethan at Home: Hurwitz, Johanna
Diggy Dan: Kamish, Daniel
Tidy up, Trevor: Lewis, Rob
The Won’t-Pick-Up-Toys Cure: MacDonald, Betty Bard
Belly Button Boy: Maloney, Peter
Messy Besse: Mckissick, Pat
Mess Pets: McMurty, Jill
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Won’t-Take-a-Bath Cure: MacDonald, Betty Bard
When I’m Alone: Ochs, Carol Partridge
When the Fly Flew in: Peters, Lisa Westberg
Tracy’s Mess: Pterson, Elise
Dirt Boy: Slangerup, Erik Jon
Pigsty: Teague, Mark
Super-completely and Totally the Messiest: Viorst, Judith
Countdown to Cleanup: Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth
The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners: Berenstain, Stan & Jan

Life Skill: Making Friends

Colors Come from God—Just Like Me: Forche, Carolyn A
The Spiffiest Giant in Town: Donaldson, Julia
Whoever You Are: Fox, Mem
All the Colors of the Earth: Hamanaka, Sheila
We All Sing with the Same Voice: Miller, J. Phillip and Sheppard M. Greene
In God’s Name: Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg
The Mountain That Loved a Bird: McLerran, Alice
The Promise: Brimner, Larry Dane
Stella Luna: Cannon, Janelle
Friendliness: Raatma, Lucia
Stay away from the Junkyard! Tusa, Tricia
Andy and the Lion: Daugherty, James Henry