How you can help
Go over as much of the list as you have time for. If you’re familiar with a book, say whether or not you recommend it, and for what ages, along with any other comments.
If you know a book that isn’t listed that would work for a particular quality, add it on at the end along with the quality.

Nurturing Even-Mindedness
1) Mean Soup: Everitt, Betsy
2) Sometimes I’m Bombaloo: Vale, Rachel
3) Make It Balance: Evans, David.
4) Keeping Your Balance: Rowe, Julian
5) Toad Overload: Siebert, Patricia
6) In the Rainfield: Olaleya, Isaac

1) The Pet Show: Brimner, Larry Dane
2) The Mouse and the Apple: Butler, Stephen
3) Next Please: Jandl, Ernst
4) Not Yet: Ketteman, Helen
5) Pulling the Lion’s Tail: Kurtz, Jane
6) Baseball for Breakfast: The Story of a Boy Who Hated to Wait: Myers, Bill
7) Moose, of Course: Plourde, Lynn
8) Not Now, Sara! Voigt, Hannelore
9) When Will It Be Spring? Walters, Catherine

Healthy Habits
Wake up Sun by David L. Harrison
Let’s Clean Up! Anderson, Peggy Perry
The Raggly Scraggly No-soap No-scrub Girl: Birchman, David Francis
Another Fine Mess: Bonning, Tony
Maisy Cleans Up: Cousins, Lucy
Where Is the Treasure? Foster, Kelli C
Ethan at Home: Hurwitz, Johanna
Diggy Dan: Kamish, Daniel
Tidy up, Trevor: Lewis, Rob
The Won’t-Pick-Up-Toys Cure: MacDonald, Betty Bard
Belly Button Boy: Maloney, Peter
Messy Besse: Mckissick, Pat
Mess Pets: McMurty, Jill
Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Won’t-Take-a-Bath Cure: MacDonald, Betty Bard
When I’m Alone: Ochs, Carol Partridge
When the Fly Flew in: Peters, Lisa Westberg
Tracy’s Mess: Pterson, Elise
Dirt Boy: Slangerup, Erik Jon
Pigsty: Teague, Mark
Super-completely and Totally the Messiest: Viorst, Judith
Countdown to Cleanup: Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth
The Berenstain Bears Forget Their Manners: Berenstain, Stan & Jan
Making Friends
Colors Come from God—Just Like Me: Forche, Carolyn A
The Spiffiest Giant in Town: Donaldson, Julia
Whoever You Are: Fox, Mem
All the Colors of the Earth: Hamanaka, Sheila
We All Sing with the Same Voice: Miller, J. Phillip and Sheppard M. Greene
In God’s Name: Sasso, Sandy Eisenberg
The Mountain That Loved a Bird: McLerran, Alice
The Promise: Brimner, Larry Dane
Stella Luna: Cannon, Janelle
Friendliness: Raatma, Lucia
Stay away from the Junkyard! Tusa, Tricia
Andy and the Lion: Daugherty, James Henry