Our Mission

To provide students with a balanced education of the body, feelings, will, and intellect in preparation for using life’s diverse challenges to discover ever-deeper levels of purpose and happiness

Our Vision

To support teachers, parents, schools, and others who nurture the comprehensive and profound types of growth that are addressed by the Education for Life principles

What it takes to become an Education for Life School

An Education for Life (EFL) school has been recognized by EFL International and demonstrates an ongoing commitment to meet the following criteria:

  • teacher and director certification
  • onsite visits by EFL representatives
  • annual participation in an EFL conference
  • staff exchanges with other EFL schools
  • local EFL programs for staff and parents
  • payment of an annual fee

the founder of the first Education for Life School in SloveniaStarting an Education for Life School:An interview with the founder of Lila School in Slovenia

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