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Student Reflection

Reflection Paper In the beginning of the week, I was presented with a five pound flour sack, and by the end of the week, I had a little baby with me everywhere I went. The story starts on an average Friday right after the morning sadhana. In health class we were presented with a flour […]

Flour Babies Overview

Cultivating Moral And Spiritual Values Lesson #2: Maturity 101 – Flour Babies (ages 12 and up); a project we’ve adapted from other sources Life Skill Charts that can be used as supplements: Expanding Sensitivity, Building Will power. Purpose: This activity helps teenagers gain experience in taking responsibility, as well as getting a glimpse of  what […]

Little Angels Ashram

  We’re happy to share an exciting new direction for Education for Life’s service here in India. We’ve recently made a connection with a small orphanage called the Little Angels Ashram in a village called Madh, a short boat ride from Mumbai city. The Ashram supports about 50 children, from age 3 through 20, providing […]

Consciousness and Classroom Composition

Anyone who has taught for a few years has experienced strong fluctuations in the behavior of different classes. In some groups the overall energy is focussed, cheerful, and harmonious. In others…well, not so much. Education for Life accounts for these differences from the perspective of Progressive Development. When the prevailing consciousness of a class is […]


It’s Time We Started Raising Organic Children

About 50 years ago, a small but dedicated group of people began challenging American society’s attitudes toward food production. The prevailing opinion at the time was that vegetables should be judged primarily by their outward appearance. Bigger and redder tomatoes were deemed more desirable, and so American agriculture brought in the chemical fertilizers and pesticides […]