Magical Chain and Fairy Lanterns

As part of our game/projects, the kids made a Magical Chain and Fairy Lanterns. We decorated a Christmas tree with the colorful chain and lanterns. I started by telling the following story. It went something like this:
Once upon a time, there was a Magical Christmas Tree. It was tall and beautiful, but this is not why it was Magical. It was Magical because long time ago, people decided to make it special and decorate it with a Christmas Chain. Each person made a few links of the chain—they put so much heart into the links—that the links became magical. The links inherited the most powerful quality of the maker.

Brave people made ‘Brave Links’, generous people made “Generous links.” Once all the links were connected, the Chain became so powerful, it could bring people together (unite them). If you touched the links, you would become braver, more generous, wiser, more understanding, etc.

Unfortunately, a great evil wizard found out about the chain and decided to break it and hide the links. Now only truly brave, understanding, loving, etc., people can find the links and make a new Magical Chain. 

So we went on a Magical Christmas Journey. The goal was to find/earn Magical Rings (chain links) along the way and make the Lucky Chain to decorate our beautiful Christmas tree.  We also wanted to find out whether we can make the chain long enough (for all the kids to fit inside) and to bring us all together!

The kids were brave, joyful, trusting and got all the magical links, defeated HuFCs— Hungry Funny Caterpillars—and we did make quite a long chain and we all fit inside.