Survey Question Corresponding Life Skill Charts
1) I am energetic and enthusiastic Forming Healthy Habits, Getting Up in the Morning
2) I am comfortable with who I am. Choosing Happiness, Practicing Peace
3) I strive to improve myself. Building Will Power, Living Truth
4) I give up easily when things get difficult. Building Will Power, Cultivating Courage
5) I have a hard time relaxing physically. Practicing Peace, Forming Healthy Habits
6) I am cheerful and even-minded. Nurturing Even-Mindedness, Choosing Happiness,
7) I am aware of the needs of others. Working with Others, Expanding Sensitivity
8) I can’t concentrate if there are distractions. Developing Concentration, Sharpening the Mind
9) I get my responsibilities done on time. Building Will Power
10) I get plenty of physical activity. Forming Healthy Habits
11) I appreciate beauty in art, nature, and music. Expanding Sensitivity
12) My mind works in original and creative ways. Sharpening the Mind, Exploring Flexibility
13) I don’t sit and stand up straight. Forming Healthy Habits
14) I always follow constructive guidance. Building Will Power, Living Truth
15) I am tolerant with people even when I disagree with them. Exploring Flexibility, Expanding Sensitivity
16) When I wake up in the morning, I feel refreshed & energetic. Getting Up in the Morning
17) I don’t think about the reasons for my behavior. Living Truth, Building Will Power
18) I forget things. Sharpening the Mind
19) I avoid eating junk food. Gaining Control of Your Diet
20) I share my possessions, talents, and time with others. Working with Others
21) I can tell the difference between right and wrong. Living Truth, Practicing Peace
22) I value humor and look for ways to lighten serious situations. Choosing Happiness, Exploring Flexibility
23) I work well with others. Working with Others, Making Friends
24) I don’t always stand up for what I believe is true. Cultivating Courage, Building Will Power
25) I resist behavior that isn’t good for me or others. Building Will Power, Cultivating Courage
26) I express my gratitude to those who help me. Working with Others
27) I respond to challenges with initiative and energy. Building Will Power, Exploring Flexibility
28) I cultivate feelings of peace, joy, and love. Practicing Peace, Choosing Happiness
29) Sometimes I don’t bathe or brush my teeth Forming Healthy Habits
30) I like to learn new things. Sharpening the Mind, Exploring Flexibility
31) I work to keep my body flexible and agile. Forming Healthy Habits
32) I don’t always tell the truth. Living Truth