If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world.

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Welcome to Education for Life (EFL)! If this is your first visit to our home page, you’ll probably want to get an overview of what we’re all about. This link will take you to a description of the main aspects of EFL as well as a series of videos that will illustrate the key points.


Online Courses

We offer a series of online courses in various languages. Register here if you’re ready for an in-depth study of how to implement EFL, either as a teacher or parent.
Conscious families is a partner to Education for Life
Conscious Families offers a community of support and inspiration for parents and caregivers seeking a more conscious and compassionate (EFL) approach.

Our Schools

Learn about the existing EFL Schools in Europe, India, and the USA, as well as our accredited online high school.