If you could put what you are doing in the public schools, it would change the world.

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Schedule for the EFL Tour with Nitai Deranja: January 10-14 in Hong Kong; January 15 – February 29 in New Delhi and Pune, India (contact us for more information)

EFL Online High School (9th-12th grades) Learn more about our high schools. Attend our online live event on Friday, February 21 at 8-9am/Pacific Time.  To visit our webpage use this link. To download our flyer go to this link.

Next Online Class Series for Teachers and Parents interested in EFL will start in January.  For details go to this link.

The Road to Maturity: a Guidebook for Education for Life Teachers is now available in paper and electronic formats. For details go to this site.

2019 USA EFL Conference Highlights

Our Schools

Education for Life Schools and Interest Groups are located around the world. See if there is one near you, if not, contact us if you would like to start one.

“My daughter can be herself at this school. When she was at public school, I felt she was trying so hard to find out who she was supposed to be that she missed noticing who she actually is. My child feels really secure. She knows no one is judging her, so she’s not afraid to try new things.” – Parent

Our Students

The ultimate worth of a school is measured by the quality of life experienced by those who spent their student years in the school.

“I learned that my imagination is an incredible tool for manifestation. I learned that kindness is more important than popularity. I learned that I can make the world a better place and that it is my duty and great opportunity.” Student

Academic Achievement

Academic achievement is a goal best approached through the all-around development of the body, feelings, will, and intellect.

“State-mandated academic testing has had the consequence of reducing opportunities for children to be physically active…. Yet little evidence supports the notion that more time allocated to subject matter will translate into better test scores.”  National Academy of Sciences

Seattle school has closed for re-organization

Life Skills for Success

In Education for Life we integrate the development of life skills with regular academics. We define “life skills” as qualities like courage, truthfulness and flexibility; skills that help people live with a sense of purpose and well-being. Our series of Life Skill Action Charts provides an easy-to-use approach for helping develop these skills.

“It was incredibly beneficial to be introduced to these types of exercises this early in our lives.” Student

Live Online Courses

These experiential online classes are designed to bring Education for Life principles into your situation. A variety of courses are available for both teachers and parents. Contact us to find out about future course dates. (Courses are also available in Spanish)

“I am filled with joy in my work, and in learning and reflecting with everyone regularly in our EFL class. I hope to continue to grow through these resources in an ongoing way as I shape my classroom this year.” T. C. elementary school teacher

“Living Wisdom School is a place where my children are loved, supported, and nurtured. Where community and family matter. Where students are encouraged to explore and experiment, and to strive to become their best selves. Kindness is taught and modeled here. Different modes of expression and understanding are accepted and validated. Excellent teachers create a calm, gentle environment in which to instruct and inspire. Classes are small and each child receives personal attention. Field trips are numerous and outdoor learning a given. My kids are growing and thriving here! Each is learning to think for herself, to be a good listener, and to be sensitive to others. I couldn’t imagine a better place for them to be.”

—H.U.Mother of a second and third grader

“When you have such high-quality teachers and so much individual attention, learning happens naturally. The classes are small, so it’s easy to accommodate differences. The bright kids can really excel and just zoom ahead as fast as they want.”


“My son has flourished in the preschool class. The teachers are centered, present, and loving with the children while providing a rich space & community support for each child’s unfolding. The focus on character and social skills development, as well as developing the gifts of each child is unlike any other school experience I have been a part of. Children feel safe and loved at this school, and with this foundation are able to learn and flourish.”

—M.B.Mother of a preschooler
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