Experiencing Education for Life

The course takes place on alternate Mondays from 12 April through 7 June, for a total of five 90+ minute sessions.

There is about 90 minutes of homework per week.

Note: Courses are scheduled for each course level when there are enough students qualified or interested. Course dates will be inserted as they are scheduled. Contact us if you are interested in this course.

This course is for teachers, parents, and everyone working with children.

This five-class series offers the opportunity to explore Education for Life “from the inside, out”. Participants will experience the three elements that provide the basis for Education for Life (EFL): the consciousness of the teacher or parent, the ability to connect with each child fully and clearly, and the direction of growth that is to be encouraged. In this course participants experience the power of these elements and cultivate their own skills in these areas.

In this course you will:

1) Use the Life Skill Action Charts to focus attention on specific aspects of growth like Building Will Power, Expanding Sensitivity, and Developing Concentration.

2) Keep a journal of your interactions with children, experimenting with various aspects of the EFL approach.

3) Study the book Out of the Labyrinth to learn the conceptual basis for all aspects of Education for Life.

4) Practice meditation and other centering techniques that help clarify consciousness and allow for more authentic interactions with children.

This combination of experiential and theoretical approaches provides the best possible foundation for sharing EFL principles with children.

The cost is Rs. 3,600 for the course in India, plus the price of required materials.
  • EFL Life Skills Action Charts (optional, soft copies will be provided)
  • Out of the Labyrinth (available as softcover and Kindle on Amazon India)

Classes are limited to twelve participants and use the Zoom meeting platform. This provides a live, interactive session where you can see and hear the teacher and other participants. You will need a good internet connection with an upload speed of at least 1.5Mbps and a webcam.

Certificate of Completion:
Students who successfully complete all assignments, including a final essay, can request a Certificate of Completion.
This course is the first step toward receiving an Education for Life Teaching Certificate.

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