A Guidebook for EFL Teachers

The Road to Maturity

by Nitai Deranja and Irene Schulman

57 pages, $20.00 paper version (with 35 full color charts); $10 electronic version

If you are interested in learning about Education for Life, this manual will guide you through the six major skills that enable people to implement this approach.

  1. Entering the Child’s World
  2. Clarifying Your Awareness through Meditation
  3. Assessing Student Consciousness
  4. Providing Effective Guidance
  5. Choosing Curriculum to Meet Students’ Needs
  6. Cooperating with Natural Law to Learn from Life

Each section provides case studies that illuminate the particular skill, as well as interactive tools for guiding your efforts. This manual is the primary source for materials used in our online training series.

These 3 tools: meditation, entering their world, and Life Skills are critical and what’s missing in virtually all schools today. If we can get these practices to all schools, I believe the world will be transformed into heaven on earth. T.T. Los Angeles

After 27 years of teaching, I now have valid instruments for helping children with their inner growth and in manifesting the best of their human potential and their highest reality as Souls of Light. Thanks to EFL training, I can now see the world, others and myself through a “beautiful new lenses”. C.M. Italy

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