Education for Life Online High School

Grades: 9-12; two 15 week semesters
Themes: Adventure, Service, Self-Discovery and Personal Excellence
Online class size: average of 6 students (range of 3-9)
Regional Service Adventure (two weeks): funded by student earnings adjusted for country economies (~$900/ year, parents can hire student if necessary)


Education for Life Curriculum Categories

Understanding People (2 years) – U.S. History (pursuit of higher consciousness), World Religions
Our Earth/Our Universe (2 years) – Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Biology
Self-Expression & Communication – English (4 years), Math (3-4 years)
Personal Development – Life Skills (ongoing)
Cooperation – group projects (ongoing, including service), Foreign Language (2 years)
Wholeness – Raja Yoga (ongoing)

5 courses/term: Math, English, History, Science, Raja Yoga, Foreign Language, independent studies; plus 1 hour/week with advisor (includes Extra-Curricular work)
Math: one hour/week tutoring, independent pace
English: 2-one and a half hour classes/week
History or Science = 2-one and a half hour classes/week
Raja Yoga/Wholeness: biweekly, one and a half hour class
Other (Foreign Language, independent studies, Visual & Performing Arts, etc.) = 2 hours/week
Total, about 13 hours online time/week

Extra-Curricular (monitored weekly by advisor)
Reading: 5 hours/week = A (adjusted to reading rate, assigned and approved books)
Physical Exercise: 5 hours/week = A
Personal Expertise/Independent Study: 3-5 hours/week = A
Service Projects: 3-5 hours/week = A (includes Cooperation group projects)

Tuition: $7,000/year