Education for Life in India

Camp Mukunda

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Dear Friends.
In July. 2019 EFL was invited to colaborate with Pia Singh in India to bring Education for Life principles and practices into a typical Indian school as a pilot project which can later be duplicated in other schools in India.

Kabir, Aryavan, and Nitai(part-time) accepted the opportunity to work with the Summer Fields School in in Gurgaon, grades 1-12 grades with 1,400 students.

After three months they have established both short-term and long-tern objectives for EFL in Delhi/Gurgaon and fully integrated into Summer Fields School. They have designed for integration into the standard Indian curriculum and have initiated a comprehensive EFL Teacher Training Program for some teachers of Summer Fields School. This development program that will continue for the entire academic year, and perhaps longer.

This is a pilot program which may be integrated into other schools in the future.