This chart lists various attitudes and behaviors in the left-hand column, and then shows how a person’s response evolves with gradually expanding consciousness through the stages of “heavy” through “ego-active” to  “light”.



Undeveloped, Contractive

no energy or awareness of others’ needs

Ego-Active Contractive


energy but little awareness

Ego-Active Expansive

Striving to Improve

energy with growing awareness


Expansive, Inclusive

energy plus awareness

Response to Great People Intimidated; Avoids contact Disrespectful; Competitive Observant; Questioning Inspired; Cooperative
Work Ethic Negligent; Dutiful through fear of punishment Sporadic effort; Works for self-gain; Impatient Hardworking; Dutiful for friends or attachment to result Serviceful; Works with willingness and joy
Self-Image Lack of self-respect Proud; Egotistical Self-esteem based on support of others or accomplishments Calm, enduring sense of self-worth; Contented
Response to Challenge Complaining; Lack of self-confidence Imitative; Responds in a conventional manner Capable of initiative; Fearless, but lacks perspective Courageous; Solution-oriented; Innovative
Use of Mental Faculties Ignorant; Slow; Narrow-minded Over-clever; Arrogant Discriminating; Intelligent Intuitive; Wise
Decision-Making Procrastinating; Submissive Showing partiality; Coercive Decisive, but from a limited frame of reference Impartial; Authoritative; Inspires willing cooperation
Reaction When Corrected Denies responsibility; Tries to please authority figures with insincere words and actions Gets angry when chastised, but is careless when simply asked to mend faults Correctible through reason, if affection is shown, or when reminded of past misfortune Seeks out and willingly accepts wise counsel

For more information on the categories of Heavy, Ego-Active, and Light, and the concept of Progressive Development, see chapter 11 of the book Education for Life by J. Donald Walters.