Practicing Education for Life Principles – Level 2

The course takes place on alternate Saturdays at 8:30pm IST from 20 August through 15 October, for a total of five 90+ minute sessions.

  • Full calendar of sessions:
    • 20 August
    • 3, 17 September
    • 1, 15 October

Experiencing EFL (level 1) is a prerequisite for this course. There is about 90 minutes of homework per week.

This course is for teachers, parents, and everyone working with children.

This five-class series offers the opportunity to put into practice the principles of Education for Life.

In this course you will learn about:

– Education beyond Materialism
– Attuning to the Child’s Real Self
– Balancing Reason and Feeling
– The Goal of Maturity
– Natural Law and Discipline
– Recognizing and Utilizing Teachable Moments
– Child-Oriented vs Curriculum-Oriented
– Progressive Development and Motivation
– Identifying and Cultivating Student Leaders
– Teaching the Whole Child: Body, Feeling, Will, & Intellect

This combination of experiential and theoretical approaches provides the best possible foundation for sharing EFL principles with children.

The cost is Rs. 4,500 for the course in India, plus the price of required materials:

Classes are held on Zoom and is limited to twelve participants. This provides a live, interactive session where you can see and hear the teacher and other participants.

Certificate of Completion:
Students who successfully complete all assignments, including a final essay, can request a Certificate of Completion. This course is the second step toward receiving an Education for Life Teaching Certificate.

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