Bears in Fact and Fiction Curriculum Packet

Created by Karen Bharati Busch. 7 Lessons, and drawings
a PDF Download, $6.00 for permission to download and print

Created by Karen Bharati Busch, co-founder of the Portland Living Wisdom School, Bears in Fact and Fiction is an engaging and lively unit for first and second graders. It is an excellent example of curriculum for the feeling years—presenting concepts such as Venn diagrams, measurement, and facts about of North American bears in the context of a subject that appeals to the heart.

The packet includes seven lessons, and drawings of all of the crafts and teaching materials so that teachers can reproduce them.
(Kinds of Bears,Using Levers to Create Bear Puppets, How Big is a Real Bear?,  Bears in Native Culture, Brown Bear Pattern Book, Compare and Contrast Three Bears Using Venn Diagrams, and Teddy Bear Picnic.)  Most lessons take 45 minutes – 1 hour, a unit could last two to six weeks.