Free Action Chart Consultation

  • Can these skills be useful in my home or classroom? Parents have used these skills at home and have found them helpful for themselves and their children.
  • Do you offer advice for teachers in a classroom setting? Yes, we have also been teachers and applied this philosophy in the classroom.
  • How do I get children interested in using the charts? Usually children are interested in figuring out how life works and what would bring the most happiness. Understanding your child and being able to invite them to try the cards verses “forcing” them to use them, is not always easy.
  • What kind of support will children need to use the charts? Sometimes all we need to do is set regular times to check in. Each child will respond differently.
  • Is it important to give children choices in using the charts, or should I just tell them what to do? Choice is a way of helping the child get involved in the process. Sometimes with very young children we will want to limit the choices and perhaps work in groups.
  • Are there enrichment activities that go with the charts? Yes, there are activities you can look at on our website.

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