Life Skills include all those qualities that help us live our lives more fully. Just as there are physical disabilities, we can observe people who are challenged in other ways like insensitivity, absent-mindedness, low energy, and restlessness. Children who are given the chance to develop these skills as part of their education will be better prepared to lead a fulfilling, successful life.

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“I think it was incredibly beneficial for us to be introduced to these types of exercises this early in our lives” – J.V., high school student

Online Course for Parents and Teachers

For those seeking a more in depth preparation for working with children, we offer our online course, Experiencing Education for Life.

“I realized that I can use the cards not only for myself, but I can use them for nurturing my family. When my daughter is upset, sad, restless, afraid… we sit together, choose the appropriate card, read it and select some activities. When she has trouble she uses the affirmation to change her attitude, and tries to solve the problem in positive way.” – L.V., parent of a 10-year-old

The Survey of Life Skills

covers a broad range of situations that we all find ourselves in from time to time. These 32 questions will measure your relative strengths and weaknesses in the four Tools of Maturity: body, feeling, will, and intellect. Below are the Life Skill booklets that could be used to strengthen each of the four areas.


The Action Charts are inspired by the work of J. Donald Walters, creator of the Awake and Ready Exercises, composer of the italicized lines in Making Friends and Working with Others, and author of the book Education for Life.

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