Principles of Education for Life

Teacher Development

Dates and Meeting Times

  • Winter 2018: February 10 & 24, March 17 & 31 (note three week period between 2nd & 3rd meeting)
  •  Saturday mornings from 8am – 9:30, Pacific Standard Time, this translates to 5pm in Europe, 9:30pm in India, and 12am (midnight) in China.
  • Note: For the March 17th meeting, due to Daylight Savings Time and the EFL tour of Europe, the California time will move forward one hour to 9am-10:30. Other locations will remain the same: 5pm in Europe, 9:30pm in India, and 12am (midnight) in China.
  • For the meeting on March 31st, the time shifts back to 8am in California, still at 5pm in Europe, but 8:30pm in India and 11pm in China.

Course Topics

  • Education beyond Materialism
  • Attuning to the Child’s Real Self
  • Balancing Reason and Feeling
  • The Goal of Maturity
  • Natural Law and Discipline
  • Recognizing and Utilizing Teachable Moments
  • Child-Oriented vs Curriculum-Oriented
  • Progressive Development and Motivation
  • Identifying and Cultivating Student Leaders
  • Teaching the Whole Child: Body, Feeling, Will, & Intellect

Virtual Classroom

Classes are limited to twelve participants and use the WebEx meeting platform. This provides a live, interactive session where you can see and hear the teacher and other participants. You will need a good internet connection with an upload speed of at least 1.5Mbps and a webcam.

Certificate of Completion

Students who successfully complete all assignments for this course may request a Certificate of Completion.

This course is a step toward receiving  an Education for Life Teaching Certificate.

Required Reading Materials

Can be purchased at this link.


The cost is $295. The price does not include the required textbooks. There is a discount for staff of Education for Life.

If you prefer to pay using PayPal rather than sending a check or using a charge card (or if you are not in the U.S.), you can use this link; however, the registration form is still required.


Your are encouraged to take the Experiencing Education for Life course first, but if scheduling doesn’t work out, it’s possible to start with the Principles of EFL. Both courses need to be completed before taking the Curriculum & Lesson Planning course.

The Principles of Education for Life online course is great for teachers, administrators, and parents. To see specific information on the course, click on the appropriate heading below.