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Discover ways of integrating non-sectarian, moral and spiritual development with the standard academic curriculum.

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Our newest product emphasizes individual development of everyday life skills like: Courage, Happiness, Calmness, and Will Power. Can be used with children or adults. To see student testimonials about these charts click here.




Education for Life and Academic Achievement
… In her book “The Willpower Instinct”, Stanford University psychologist Kelly McGonigal Ph.D surveyed the results of over 200 studies in this area. Rread more)
Read how current educational research relates to the goal of an integrated, holistic approach to education.

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Take this survey to see how balanced you are in the four EFL Tools of Maturity: the body, feelings, will, and intellect. Your scores can then be referenced to the Life Skills Action Charts.

usha_ameliaOnline Courses for 2015/16
These classes support teachers and home-schooling parents who want to share EFL practices with their children.
The Practice of Progressive Development: Winter Session begins January 9
Educational Methods and Curriculum and Lesson Planning begins January  16

Educators for Higher Consciousness Conference/Retreat  For a video of the highlights from the August, 2015, click here.