Welcome to Education for Life!

For over 40 years EFL has pioneered ways of integrating non-sectarian, moral and spiritual development with the standard academic curriculum. We emphasize joyful, experiential learning in an environment that validates each child’s unique strengths and talents.

booklets stand.wLife Skills Action Charts
Our newest product emphasizes individual development of everyday life skills like: Courage, Happiness, Calmness, and Will Power. Can be used with children or adults.



boys greenEleven! EFL Summer Camps for Families and Children
Day and overnight camps that incorporate Education for Life principles. They take place at a variety of locations in California, Washington, Oregon, Italy, and India



holistic teaching, eduation articles, better schools, individualized education, outdoor education, alternative education, experiential learning, alternative schoolsOnline Courses for 2015/16
These classes support teachers and home-schooling parents who want to share EFL practices with their children.
June 13: Practicing Progressive Development
September 26: Introduction to Education for Life


edEducators for Higher Consciousness Conference/Retreat August 17, 18 & 19 at Ananda Village in California
Guest Speaker: Bidyut Bose from the Niroga Institute
Open to anyone who shares the goal of cultivating higher consciousness in children and young adults.