Discover ways of integrating non-sectarian, moral and spiritual development with the standard academic curriculum.

Will PowerCharacter Development Tool: Life Skills Action Charts© emphasize individual development of everyday life skills like Courage, Happiness, Calmness, and Will Power. They can be used with children or adults.



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Nitai Deranja

Sign up for one of our online classes. The Practice of Progressive Development starts January 9th. It focuses on preparing teachers and parents to share Education for Life with their children.




survey-boxLife Skills Survey   Take this survey to see how balanced you are in the use of your body, feelings, will, and intellect – the four EFL Tools of Maturity. Your scores can then be referenced to the Life Skills Action Charts.



academic.ach.picEducation for Life and Academic Achievement
Read how current educational research relates to the EFL goal of an integrated, holistic approach to education.



Educators for Higher Consciousness Conference/Retreat For a video of the highlights from the August, 2015, click here.

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