Updated 2022 Schedule

Schedule of Events for Online EFL Conference

Friday & Saturday: July 8 & 9, 2022

6-11am Pacific = 3-8pm in Europe = 6:30-11:30pm in India


webpage: www. https://edforlife.org/summer/

Day 1 (English Language)

6:00 Meditation/Centering (Melissa)

7:00 Break

7:30 Welcome and Introduction (Nitai)

8:00 Session 1: Key Topics from the EFL World

Wholeness: “The Hub” of Our Curriculum (Irene)

How EFL and Traditional Academic Values Come Together (Helen & Gary)

Diverse Applications of EFL (Aryavan)

9:00 Share Inspiration

9:20 Break

9:30 Session 2: EFL in Action

Formative Assessment: Ongoing Evaluation of the Learning Process (Ana)

Teaching through the Arts (Kristijan)

Creative Mathematics (Renata)

10:30 Share Inspiration

11:00 End


Day 2 (English and Spanish)

6:00 Meditation/Centering (Saumya)

7:00 Break

7:30 Welcome & Introduction (Nitai)

8:00 Session 3: Stages of Maturity

Notes: Each participant will be given a Tools/Stages chart to fill out on one student.

Prompts: Do you see value in assessing a child by stage/tool of maturity?

Have you used Color Grades? Have they helped you?


9:00 Share Inspiration

9:20 Break

9:30 Session 4: Meditation & Centering for Students

Prompts: Share a centering practice with each other.

What has worked for you and the students?


10:30 Closing

11:00 End





(PDF)Conference Schedule 7-4-2022

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