Survey Question Corresponding Life Skill Charts
1) I am energetic and enthusiastic Forming Healthy Habits, Getting Up in the Morning
2) I am comfortable with who I am. Choosing Happiness, Practicing Peace
3) I strive to improve myself. Building Will Power, Living Truth
4) I give up easily when things get difficult. Building Will Power, Cultivating Courage
5) I have a hard time relaxing physically. Practicing Peace, Forming Healthy Habits
6) I am cheerful and even-minded. Nurturing Even-Mindedness, Choosing Happiness,
7) I am aware of the needs of others. Working with Others, Expanding Sensitivity
8) I can’t concentrate if there are distractions. Developing Concentration, Sharpening the Mind
9) I get my responsibilities done on time. Building Will Power
10) I get plenty of physical activity. Forming Healthy Habits
11) I appreciate beauty in art, nature, and music. Expanding Sensitivity
12) My mind works in original and creative ways. Sharpening the Mind, Exploring Flexibility
13) I don’t sit and stand up straight. Forming Healthy Habits
14) I always follow constructive guidance. Building Will Power, Living Truth
15) I am tolerant with people even when I disagree with them. Exploring Flexibility, Expanding Sensitivity
16) When I wake up in the morning, I feel refreshed & energetic. Getting Up in the Morning
17) I don’t think about the reasons for my behavior. Living Truth, Building Will Power
18) I forget things. Sharpening the Mind
19) I avoid eating junk food. Gaining Control of Your Diet
20) I share my possessions, talents, and time with others. Working with Others
21) I can tell the difference between right and wrong. Living Truth, Practicing Peace
22) I value humor and look for ways to lighten serious situations. Choosing Happiness, Exploring Flexibility
23) I work well with others. Working with Others, Making Friends
24) I don’t always stand up for what I believe is true. Cultivating Courage, Building Will Power
25) I resist behavior that isn’t good for me or others. Building Will Power, Cultivating Courage
26) I express my gratitude to those who help me. Working with Others
27) I respond to challenges with initiative and energy. Building Will Power, Exploring Flexibility
28) I cultivate feelings of peace, joy, and love. Practicing Peace, Choosing Happiness
29) Sometimes I don’t bathe or brush my teeth Forming Healthy Habits
30) I like to learn new things. Sharpening the Mind, Exploring Flexibility
31) I work to keep my body flexible and agile. Forming Healthy Habits
32) I don’t always tell the truth. Living Truth

For over 40 years, Education for Life has pioneered a holistic, non-sectarian approach to learning that  integrates character development and academic achievement. This workshop will share many of the materials, methods, and insights that have resulted in a continuous stream of students who have successfully cultivated universal values such as cheerfulness, forgiveness, and self-control while earning standardized test scores that consistently rank them in the top 10% nationally.

In this workshop you will:

  • Take home a Life Skills Action Chart that provides a vehicle for creatively engaging students in the development of such qualities as Choosing Happiness, Forming Healthy Habits, Building Will Power, and Making Friends.
  • Receive the Tools of Maturity Checklist: a strength-based tool for assessing progress in the development of the body, feelings, will and intellect.
  • See standardized test scores that demonstrate how an emphasis on character growth also enhances academic achievement.
  • Review survey data on how alumni view the practical benefits of their values-based education.
  • Discover how character development can best be approached through cooperative, experiential learning.

Universal values are the jewels of human existence. They improve the quality of life for both children and adults and enable us to meet life’s countless challenges with courage and joy. With alumni now in their 40s and 50s, we can see see how incorporating these values into the very core of education prepares students for a life-long experience of meaning, purpose, and well-being.