Each year the students at Living Wisdom High School take a two week trip somewhere within the US or abroad, to serve in some capacity and to experience the adventure of being in a new culture or other unique situation. Past excursions have taken students to an orphanage in Baja Mexico, a sea turtle sanctuary in Mexico, to Machu Picchu in Peru, on road trips to national parks throughout the Southwest, to Mother Teresa’s center in India, to Hong Kong, and to the largest no-kill animal shelter in North America in Utah. The students pay for these trips by earning “student tuition” which they make by working at various jobs throughout the year and also by various fundraising dinners and projects.

The idea behind these trips is to get kids out of their habitual comfortable environment, to open them up the realities of people of different cultures and ethnicities, to put them in situations where they need to think on their feet and be a part of making important decisions, to help someone or some situation outside of their normal world, and to stretch their bodies, minds and hearts.

This year the girls have planned a trip to South Africa. Their teacher is a native of South Africa and is helping them set up service projects in schools and an orphanage. The boys will be traveling to Nepal. Some of their activities will be serving in several schools and trekking through villages near Pokharra on their way to a famous view of Annapurna Mountain.

Last fall our whole school had a celebration of the life of Malala, the young woman from Pakistan who was almost killed by the Taliban a few years ago and has been courageously working for education for girls in that part of the world. She recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. As a part of honoring her, we collected school supplies for our high school students to deliver to schools in South Africa and Nepal. It’s pretty exciting to think of those notebooks and pencils in the hands of South African and Nepalese children!

The students and teachers will be gone from March 9th to 23rd.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they experience this amazing opportunity to help others and learn and grow in the process.

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