Education for Life

A Talk by J. Donald Walters on Education for LifeFounder of Education for Life

Antidisestablishmentarianism and How We Can Fill the Moral Vacuum in Our Schools, by Nitai Deranja, Founding Director of First Living Wisdom School, Co-Director Education for Life

Dalai Lama, Children, Meditation, and Patanjali, by Nitai Dernja

What is Spiritual Education, by J. Donald Walters, Founder of Education for Life

Non-sectarian Spiritual Values, by Nitai Deranja

Eloquence in Silenceby Susan Usha Dermond, founder of Portland’s Living Wisdom School,  Co-Director Education for Life

Yoga Goes to College, by Nitai Deranja

Hallmarks of an Education for Life Schoolby Nitai Deranja

Flow Learning Works Universally, by Susan Usha Dermond

Addressing the Best in Each Child, by Helen Purcell, Director, Living Wisdom School, Palo Alto, California

Creating a Caring Community, by Michael Katz, Ph. D., Professor at San Jose State University

Transformation in the Wilderness, by Kai Girard, former student

The Psychological Chart, by Paramhansa (Swami) Yogananda

The Balanced Life – Curing Mental Abnormalities, by Paramhansa (Swami) Yogananda


Raising Conscious Children“, Radio Interview with Nitai Deranja (2/28/12),

Teaching Junior High Studentsin an EFL school with Gary McSweeney, Living Wisdom School of Palo Alto, California